Upcoming Announcements / Sermon Topics / Special Events

                                                  SCHEDULE OF ANNOUNCEMENTS:

Sunday School 9:00 am  ~  Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 am  ~  Wednesday Supper & Study 6:00 pm

   First Sundays           Morning Worship Communion                                                      First Tuesdays          Trustees Meeting                6:00 pm

   Second Sundays      Men's Breakfast         8:00 am                                                      Second Tuesdays     Church Council Meeting     6:00 pm

   Third Sundays          Women's Lunch       11:30 am                                                       Third Saturday          Helping Hands                   7:30 am - noon


Upcoming Sermon Topics and Special Events

EMANUEL living the life, and sharing 'faith stories' for the future

SERMONS ~ Rev. Roger Canuel





We are sharing ‘faith stories’ for the future!