Upcoming Announcements / Sermon Topics / Special Events

                                                  SCHEDULE OF ANNOUNCEMENTS:

Sunday School 9:00 am  ~  Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 am  ~  Wednesday Supper & Study 6:00 pm

   First Sundays           Morning Worship Communion                                                                 Mondays                  CARE Committee         10:00 am

   Second Sundays      Men's Breakfast         8:00 am                                                                First Tuesdays         Trustees Meeting            6:00 pm

   Third Sundays          Women's Lunch       11:30 am                                                                Second Tuesdays     Church Council Meeting 6:30 pm

   Monday Mornings     C.O.F.F.E.E.              6:00 am                                                                Thursdays                 Helping Hands             10:00 am

Upcoming Sermon Topics and Special Events

EMANUEL living the life, and sharing 'faith stories' for the future



Sept. 1      Community Heroes           Oct. 6      Around the Table                      Nov. 3      Time                   Dec. 1     Hope

Sept. 8      Family Heroes                   Oct. 13    Life is a Circus                         Nov. 10    Veterans             Dec. 8     Love

Sept. 15    Team Spirit                        Oct. 20    Would You look for Me?           Nov. 17    Witness              Dec. 15   Joy

Sept. 22    Amazing Grace                 Oct. 27    All Saints                                  Nov. 24    Thankful             Dec. 22   Peace

Sept. 29    Homecoming                                                                                                                               Dec.  29  Do Something with this Baby




We are sharing ‘faith stories’ for the future!

  • Homecoming Sunday, September 2019

    Rev. David Thompson, who serves as District Superintendent of the Coastal District within the South Georgia United Methodist Conference will be EMANUEL's Homecoming Speaker. Don't miss this opportunity to invite your family, friends and neighbors to come worship with us. The church's connection with district leaders is valuable for stability and sustainability, however, church members oftentimes do not know the cabinet of our leaders. Come meet Rev. David and his wife, Jennifer. 

    District Superintendent Rev. David Thompson is excited to be a part of the 2019 Homecoming and he encourages us as disciples to be anchored in our faith remembering who we are, who we belong to, and what we've been called to do.