Living the life, growing in worship and serving

We're sharing 'faith stories' for the future

Small Groups: 

MEN'S GROUP       
Men are invited to begin the day with breakfast together every second Sunday at 8:00 am. Emanuel Men's Group is planning projects such as Weapon Safety Classes and a Pet Vaccination Discount Day in the community.

Ladies are invited to join in the fun and have lunch together every third Sunday after worship. The ladies plan fun trips for themselves, Scout Sunday as well as a Date Night for the community that is coming soon.

Sunday School:   

Classes for all ages! Nursery, Elementary, Intermediate, Middle/High School, Young Adults, Adults-Co, Adult Men, Adult Women

Please note: Emanuel follows the Safe Sanctuaries policy to ensure that church is a safe place, protecting children and other vulnerable persons from abuse. The safety and security of our children is taken very seriously. Everyone working with children and youth are required to go through Safe Sanctuary training (child/youth protection program) which includes interviews, training sessions, and background checks. Children and youth are signed in and out of classes. No one can take a child from the nursery or children's programs without previous authorization of the parents/guardians.



Emanuel's CARE Committee meets every Monday at 10:00 am. We care for others through prayer, phone calls, and cards. Living the life means caring about what is going on in your family and day-to-day tasks. 


Everybody needs a helping hand. Emanuel does too! Helping Hands meets on the third Saturday of each month from 7:30 am until noon to aid in preparing and repairing to be the best Emanuel for God's glory.


In 2017, Emanuel installed a Community Prayer Mailbox adjacent to the sanctuary entrance where the community may seek prayer by placing the written request in the mailbox. We also provide writing materials in the information boxes and a comfortable bench to complete the requests. We also have FREE resource materials for youth and adults. 

We invite you to share this ministry with friends in need of prayer in their lives. All prayers will be kept confidential unless the person making the request would like their identity shared with the congregation. 

Prayer / Praise Request

We want to pray for you or someone you love. Submit your Name, Email, Phone Number and Prayer Request below.

Pastor Roger or someone from our prayer team will connect with you.  


Share a praise report! We want to celebrate what God is doing in your life and prayers that He has answered for you or a loved one! 

Insert a praise request under the Prayer Request title below.