Upcoming Announcements / Sermon Topics / Special Events

                                                  SCHEDULE OF ANNOUNCEMENTS:

Sunday School 9:00 am  ~  Sunday Morning Worship 10:30 am  ~  Wednesday Supper & Study 6:00 pm

   First Sundays           Morning Worship Communion                                                                            Mondays                  CARE Committee         10:00 am

   Second Sundays      Men's Breakfast         8:00 am                                                                            First Tuesdays         Trustees Meeting            6:00 pm

   Third Sundays          Women's Lunch       11:30 am                                                                            Second Tuesdays     Church Council Meeting 6:30 pm

   Monday Mornings     C.O.F.F.E.E.              6:00 am                                                                            Thursdays                 Helping Hands             10:00 am

Upcoming Sermon Topics and Special Events

EMANUEL living the life and sharing 'faith stories' for the future


July 28        Let's Go Fishing                                       Sept. 1    Community Heroes               Oct. 6     Around the Table                  Nov. 10     Veterans

August 4      Communion - History Making                  Sept. 8     Family Heroes                     Oct. 13   Life is a Circus                      Nov. 17     Witness

August 11     Baptism - Testimony of John                   Sept. 15   Team Spirit                          Oct. 20   Would You look for Me?        Nov. 24    Thankful

August 18    Church - Body of Christ                           Sept. 22    Amazing Grace                   Oct. 27   All Saints                              Dec. 1      Hope

August 25     I Love to Tell the Story                            Sept. 29    Homecoming                      Nov. 3   Time                                       Dec. 8      Love

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Dec. 15    Joy

        AT EMANUEL,                                                                                                                                                                            Dec. 22    Peace

                             We're sharing 'faith stories' for the future!                                                                                         Dec. 29   Do Something with this Baby

  • Family & Friends day

    Family & Friends Day                August 25, 2019

    Church is about living the life and sharing our faith with family and friends. Let's go fishing. Find others and bring them to worship. Join us for Family & Friends Day and bring someone with you. Pastor Donna wants to meet everybody as well as introduce her family and friends to the community. Although this day will give an opportunity to meet one another, it's also a chance to minister grace and grow as disciples making disciples. 

  • super heroes in the community

    We Honor First Responders      September 1, 2019

    There were many in church history noted for their protection and service. Dedicated citizens pave the way for the future. First Responders - police, firefighters, and emergency personnel certainly understand the meaning of rescue and sacrifice. September 1 is an opportunity for EMANUEL to honor our heroes. A local 'Super Hero' Brunswick's former Police-Chief T.C. Cowan will be one of our respected guests! 

    "He sets on high those who are lowly, and those who morn are lifted to safety." Job 5:11

  • super heroes in the family

    Grandparents Sunday                September 8, 2019

    Grandparents are Super Heroes. Timothy was a disciple of the early church. He tells about the legacy of his grandparents in the Bible. There's an interesting story of blessings after loss in scripture from King David's grandparents. Grandparents are influential by action and example. In today's culture, there are many volunteers that give of their time with hearts and arms open wide willing to engage life with young ones. On September 8 - Bring your grandparent/grandchild to church. Join in worship as a volunteer to be a grandparent/grandchild. Grandparenting is a ministry - therefore, Grandparents are Super Heroes!

  • homecoming 2019

    Homecoming Sunday               September 29, 2019

    Rev. David Thompson, who serves as Superintendent of the Coastal District within the South Georgia United Methodist Conference will be EMANUEL's Homecoming Speaker. You will not want to miss inviting everybody to come and worship on September 29th. The church's connection with their district leaders is valuable for stability and sustainability. However, church members oftentimes do not know the cabinet of our leaders. Come meet Rev. David and his wife, Jennifer. District Superintendent Rev. David Thompson is excited to be a part of the 2019 Homecoming and encourage us as disciples to be anchored in our faith remembering who we are, who we belong to, and what we've been called to do.