Emanuel United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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Emanuel UMC Officers for 2018 Calendar Year
Church Council                                                        Name (Year Service Began)
 Council Chairperson  
 Ken Herbert (2016)
 Lay Leader 
 Randy Watson (2014) & Bill Peters (2016)
 Recording Secretary
 Lou-Beth Hines (2016)
 Financial Chairperson
 Steve Pittman (2016)
 Linda Peters (2009)
 Trustee Chairperson 
 Bill Peters (2016)
 Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chairperson 
 Bill Brock (2016)
 Lay Member Annual Conference 
 Hubert Harper (2015)
 Emanuel Methodist Women, President
 Cheryl O'Quinn/Linda Peters (2016)
 United Methodist Men, President
 Jack Jones (2016)
 Membership Secretary
 Angelo Bonito (2014)
 Outreach, Witness & Nurture Chairperson
 Karen Morrison (2015)
 Children’s Advisory Council
 Dianne Bonito (2016)
 Youth Coordinator
 Young Adult Coordinator
 Safe Sanctuaries Certifying Officer
 Sunday School Superintendent
 Evangelism Ministries
 Laura Pittman (2016)
 Cathy Brock (2015)
 John Davis (2009)
 Cheryl O' Quinn (2015)
 Carolyn Harper (2015)
Staff-Parish Relations Committee – Chairperson is Bill Brock (2016)
Lay Leader and Lay Member, Annual Conference are Included
Carol McDonald
Randy Watson
Linda Peters
Dolores Hale
Cheryl O'Quinn
Bill Brock
Audrey Herbert
Tim Thomas
Hubert Harper,Lay Member to
Annual Conference
Board of Trustees - Chairperson is Bill Peters (2016)
Steve Pittman
Liz Jones
Bill Peters
Karen Morrison
Eddie Jennings
Scott Watson 
Toby O'Quinn 
Aaron Johnson 
Committee On Nominations and Leadership Development - Pastor is Chairperson 
Lay Leader is Included
Kathy Anderson
Alfred Crosby
Paula Livingston
Betty McGregor
Alicia Woodard
Jim Anderson
Randy Watson, Lay Leader
 Dianne Bonito
Benevolence Committee
Randy Watson, Chairperson (2012)          Alfred Crosby (2012)          Linda Peters (2016)
Committee on Finance
 Steve Pittman, Chairperson (2016)
Rev. Eddie Morrison     Hubert Harper     Bill Brock     Bill Peters   Cheryl O'Quinn     
Linda Peters     Randy Watson     Ken Herbert     Lou-Beth Hines