Emanuel United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Living The Life That Makes God Real!

Emanuel's Young Adult Bible Study Group welcomes you to be part of our small group Bible study at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday morning. We meet in the Emanuel Library adjacent to the Sanctuary and the handicap entrance.

We are currently studying a LifeGuide Bible Study called "Women of the Old Testament" by Gladys Hunt. 


This study has twelve segments:

 1. The First Woman: A far-reaching choice.    Genesis 3:1-13
 2. Sarah and Hagar: Waiting for God to act.   Genesis 16; 18:1-15
 3. Miriam: A critical Spirit.                             Numbers 12
 4. Rahab: An unlikely ally.                              Joshua 2; 6:15-25
 5. Ruth: The cost of loyalty.                           Ruth 1-2
 6. Naomi: Sadness swallowed up by Joy.         Ruth 3-4
 7. Hannah: From misery to praise.                  1 Samuel 1:1-2:11
 8. Abigail: A level headed woman.                  1 Samuel 25:2-44
 9. The Shunammite Woman: Taking the Initiative. 2 Kings 4:8-37
10. Esther: Captive in a strange land.               Esther 2-4
11. Esther: Courage to act.                               Esther 5:1-8; 7-8
12. The Model Wife: A portrait of excellence.   Proverbs 31:10-31

We invite you to join us in our journey as we seek to grow our faith together in the Emanuel Young Adult Sunday School group.