Emanuel United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Living The Life That Makes God Real!

Welcome Emanuel Volunteers!

If you would like to volunteer, please check the area you are interested in for available dates and times. Once you find dates and times, please submit a Volunteer Form (located at the bottom of this page). Thank-you!


Volunteer Sign-up Form

Phone Number:  
Volunteer Position:  (Please check all areas that you are interested in)
   Childcare Worker                 Date:   Time available:
   Hall Monitor                         Date:   Time available:
  Offering Counter                  Date:   Time available:
   Set Up/Take Down Team     Date:   Time available:
   Tech Booth                          Date:   Time available:
  Usher                                  Date:   Time available:
Please pick several dates and times that you would like to volunteer (in the order you desire - most to least).  If you have chosen to volunteer in more than one area, please note the area of service with your dates and times.
You will receive a telephone call or an email confirming your dates and times of Volunteer Service.  Thank you!